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Tonight, an old man became a newborn

TONIGHT AN OLD MAN BECAME A NEWBORN, coming alive to God’s eternal life in him.

A story from a Connecting Streams Volunteer in Langley, BC


As I (one of Connecting Streams’ volunteers) drove in to a Tim Horton’s near my home, I was praying that God would help me with things I needed to tackle this week and that He would guide me by His strength and might. I told Him I needed His power.

As I was eating, an elderly man sitting nearby with a walker next to him started packing up to leave. He stood up, all hunched over, and we made eye contact. I nodded a “Hello” and asked, “How’s it going?” He stopped by my table and we talked a while about an old friend of his and where he was from. I noticed his hospital wristband, his walker and his hunched back so I asked if I could pray for him. After praying and talking some more, I mentioned how fleeting life was. We discussed how Jesus came to die for us, forgive our sins, and give us hope for resurrection life, and how this eternal life would include new bodies (this really appealed to him!). When I asked, he said he had never received this gift of God through Jesus but that it was something he wanted. We prayed a simple prayer of faith together to receive God’s gift of salvation, the forgiveness of sins, and eternal life in Jesus Christ.

I asked if he was sincere in what we were praying together. He nodded and said he meant those words. As I explained the gospel further through the scriptures he kept saying, “This is powerful.” There were tears in his eyes and I prayed again for his healing. I told him that even if his body fails, his spirit will live on and that if I don’t ever see him again, he should say hi to me in heaven. He looked me in the eye, smiled and said that he would do that one day!

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