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The Mcburney Journey


Recently during our weekly coffee house meeting we discussed the everlasting love of God. He never gives up on us and he endured unexplainable torture to have a relationship with us. Sometimes it’s easy to forget how much Jesus went through to save us. The cross was the most painful form of execution at that time. It was shameful and public. Jesus allowed himself to be beaten, mocked and humiliated. He willingly took the condemnation we deserve. This was all because he loved us.

The conversation morphed into talking about how God wants to forgive us and help to change us. The only way we can change is to trust him to do the transforming work. One of the women talked about how the revelation of God’s love helped her heal from growing up in a home empty of love. Another woman shared how God showed love to her by providing for her financially. It’s great to hear how God reveals Himself in unique and personal ways. (by Volunteer Emily White)

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