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Making Connections with Jesus Anywhere!

A Connecting Streams volunteer in Langley was having her nails done when God prompted her to tell a story from one of the girls she ministers to in prison:

I recounted what Heather* told me about the vision of Jesus she had while in prison and that he had come to explain salvation and rebuild her life. Her warden came and read the Bible to her and she became a vibrant believer. With great joy her life started to take a new shape and faith was growing.

When I concluded, the girl in the salon said she has a story to share too: Her father was critically sick in the hospital and the family gathered around. She asked for a private visit with her Dad and he spoke to her of having a vision of Jesus pulling both of them out of the water as they were drowning. She disregarded this conversation because she believed the vision was caused by the drugs her father was on. However, her father received the Lord’s salvation and recovered to also become a vibrant follower of Jesus!

So the girl in the salon says: “Now you tell me of the vision of Jesus with your girl Heather, and I’m thinking, does this mean that THE DRUGS DID NOT CAUSE MY DAD’S VISION??”

Yes, I responded, Jesus is the God of Gods and wants you to realize that you are in need of his help! No, the drugs did not do this – your Dad responded to the vision and now it is up to you.

How wonderful that the story of one of the girls in prison helped another in her journey of faith. How wonderful are the works of God!!

*name changed to protect privacy

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