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Meeting People Where They Live

Connecting Streams Langley – Connecting with People

By Emily White (Connecting Streams Ministry volunteer)


During the Christmas season Connecting Streams held a Christmas tea in the lounge of a local inner-city apartment building. Many of the residents survive on low income often caused by disability or addiction. As one of the volunteers I enjoyed talking with them and showing them God’s love. We had discussion questions to fuel conversation around the tables, and heard interesting perspectives as people shared their stories. We sang Christmas carols and heard the true story behind Santa Claus, Silent Night, and the birth of Jesus. Everyone had a good time celebrating Christmas together.

Looking back, I think the best part about this afternoon was simply being with people. There was no pretense or expectation placed on them and we could just have fun together. I think I understand more what it really means to be like Jesus and reach people where they are. He often taught and ate in people’s homes. He was a friend of sinners and it didn’t matter to him what their social or economic status was.

That is what he wants us to do, to go out into the world and reach people where they are with the gospel. We need to eat with them, talk with them and have fun with them. If we show that we care about people they will be more open to believing that Jesus cares about them. The lonely in our community need friends. The hungry need food and the lost need the Good News of Jesus. I was very proud to be a part of this outreach and be used by God to love people.

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