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Reflecting on the Shepherds

As I have been doing my Advent readings, the shepherds have really stuck out to me this year, I gleaned so many things from them, here are a few from mostly Luke 2:

  • the shepherds were really the marginalized of their society & time, they were looked upon as lowly and unworthy.  They often spent days, weeks only in the presence of sheep, separated from their family and villages, missing out on all that happened there…not unlike the people we minister to venues.
  • Why would the angels tell the shepherds the good news of a Savior being born before other more ‘significant’ people? Maybe because they were the marginalized/outcasts they would
    • listen and actually hear
    • actually respond to the message
    • because of their place in society they had humble hearts and ears that were open
    • because of their wandering in unsafe places & the loneliness they knew their need & longing for a Savior
    • maybe they had heard the voice of God in the stillness of many long night watches and God had been preparing them for the message the angels would bring on this incredible night
  • The shepherds did not give into the fear that struck them at the appearance of the angels and the glorious light, they pushed thru it…I so often let the fear overtake me…
  • The shepherds did not give into the inconvenience of having to leave their sheep to go…I am way to easily inconvenienced:(
  • They did not want to miss Jesus they ‘went with haste’ (Luke 2:16)…oh, let that be my response in 2016
  • I also noticed that the Innkeeper missed Jesus because he was too busy…ouch!
  • King Herod was too afraid.

I prayer I found and have been praying:

Father, Meet me in the waiting, the place where I long for what is not fully in view. Still my heart and give me the ability to know that you are near. I believe your plans are good, I see that in the birth of your only Son.

But Sometimes I struggle to see beyond the haze that surrounds me. Renew my confidence as I lift my eyes to You. Be glorified in my life in this season of advent expectation. Amen.


Marti Vanderveen

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