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FACTS Verses to Guide One Hour of Prayer

Taking one focused hour each week to pray with others in agreement around God’s Word, is to encounter the transforming and liberating Power of Christ’s Presence in and through you by His Holy Spirit. How does it work?

Get the FACTS verses here

How to Use the FACTS or ACTS Format

Get the FACTS on ACTS: Focus, Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving, Supplication

If you want to have effective, powerful conversations with God that result in breakthrough answers of prayer, it helps to become well acquainted with these essential “FACTS” or “ACTS” of prayer. They are invitations from God to cultivate and partner with Him in your mutual relationship and conversations. You will fine tune your skills with regular practice. We encourage that practice with one hour of prayer in a group each week.

Although prayer cannot be reduced to a formula, you need to understand the value of these fundamental principles of prayer. A model can be helpful in revealing these truths. The Lord’s Prayer is one such model. Others can be useful as well. Their value is found not in following them rigidly, but utilizing the essentials they represent.

We work with the acronym “ACTS” or “FACTS” to identify the main components of prayer.

FOCUSFor one hour, once a week in a Breakthrough or any Prayer Group, ask God to make His presence known to make you ALERT to what He wants you to learn, believe and declare by faith, using His Word as your guide.

ADORATIONAssess your situation. Are you able give God intentional, focused honor and praise for who He is? What do you know and believe of His names, titles, attributes, works and miracles? Do you spend time telling Him what you APPRECIATE about Him? God inhabits the praise of His people! What is He revealing about Himself to you; about yourself; about others?

CONFESSIONCommit to a plan – Will you choose to AGREE WITH GOD about sin and His provision – personally and corporately? Do you confess, repent, surrender, renounce and forsake sin, bringing every thought, attitude, word and action captive and making it obedient to Jesus Christ? Do you receive and extend His provision of forgiveness without exception so the Kingdom of God can advance!!!

THANKSGIVINGTake action. Will you choose to name and declare your trust with an ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE for what He has and will do for every person and circumstance you are concerned or care about – good or bad? Will you exchange your burden for His peace and purpose with thanksgiving for His complete provision? Trouble becomes an opportunity to exercise faith. This pleases God.

SUPPLICATIONStart now – How do you regularly exercise the elements of Adoration, Confession and Thanksgiving? If you are interceding with an aligned heart and in one accord with two or three others, according to Scripture, your ASKING in AGREEMENT will be powerful and effective. Are you growing in understanding more of the spiritual authority God has given you to wield in prayer? Are you familiar with the prayer power tools of praying God’s Word, prayer and fasting, prayer walking, prayer journaling? How big is your imagination for the lost? Are you prepared to be the hands, feet and words of Jesus to those around you? God desires to use you as an answer to your own prayers!

Get started:

  1. Select the week appropriate Verses and open your Bible.
  2. Start by reading the Focus verse out loud and then pray to invite God’s Holy Spirit to help you focus your prayer hour to the desires of God’s heart. The Words of Scripture will align your thoughts and heart to His Spirit as you allow. Express that process to God.
  3. Next read the Adoration Verse out loud. Take turns to be intentionl to express your appreciation of God by telling Him what about Him is highlighted for you in that verse. Tell Him how that makes you feel. Park here until you sense you are ready to move on.
  4. Read the Confession Verse and ask God to reveal anything that may be hindering you from hearing Him. The Scripture verse itself may point that out. Consider this from a personal and a corporate perspective and quickly confess, renounce and forsake all sin as He reveals. There are times your one hour of prayer may be spent on when element more then another. Never rush the work of God’s Spirit and how He is leading you to pray. Always respond to the rhythms of His grace.
  5. As you read the Thanksgiving Verse begin to acknowledge God’s answers and give credit where credit is due. Acknowledge out loud the challenges and difficulties that are part of your world by expressing them with a thankful trust in the One who is able. “God thank you for this unexpected news – you are greater and I trust you.” Some times you may want to sing – do so!
  6. Now as you read the Supplication verse you are ready to begin declaring with authority and expectation into your domain of influence with a sensitivity to God’s purposes for people and circumstances. Pray into the things you know and listen to the things you don’t know that God will reveal. Move God’s hand by your faith. This is where power is at work when two of you agree about anything. Declare!!!

“God can do anything prayer can do!” (E.M Bounds)

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