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I Am. So You Can.

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Heather was approached with the opportunity to serve as a volunteer at the Women’s Emergency Accommodation Centre (WEAC).  She was very excited when this opportunity to serve came to be and soon after that a door opened for her to occasionally lead the team, alongside another Connecting Streams Volunteer Team Lead.

“I pondered what a monumental response a ‘yes’ would be,” shared Heather.  “It seemed too big and beyond me to be a favourable one.”

It was God’s plan for her to grab onto this opportunity and say YES.  Like many of us do, Heather had self doubt and was nervous about the call.

“The big question on my heart was ‘Me? Lead?’  I shrank back at the thought, even internally as I was asked.”

Heather was driving in her car thinking about the multitude of reasons why this was not a good idea.  Old tapes based on fear, insecurity, rejection, and failure began to replay in her mind from the past.  She had a dialogue with the Lord.

Heather:  But I’m not equipped!  I’ve never led anything formal in my life.

Lord:  Yes, you are because I am with you.

Heather:  But, I’m not ready.

Lord:  I am.  Trust me.

Heather:  But, I don’t know enough!

Lord:  I do.  You have what I’ve given you and it’s enough.

Heather:  But, I’m a sinner!  I struggle daily to be a better daughter.

Lord:  All are sinners.  It’s good you’re messy.  It keeps you humble and real and they need that.

Heather:  But, my life is chaos sometimes, undisciplined; I’m not put together.

Lord:  I know.  It’s time to grow.

Heather:  But, I’m scared!  There are much stronger women who have experience leading.

Lord:  I have chosen you.  Now is the time.  I can and will do much more than you can ask for or imagine.

Heather shared that after that, there were no more ‘buts’.  She was having what she calls her ‘Moses moments’.  A long list of reasons why she was inadequate to do this, but just like Moses His answers were swift, clear, and for every ‘but’ she had God responded with, “I Am, so you can.”

Is the Lord tugging at your heart to step out of your comfort zone and follow Him into the hurting and broken world?  An incredible adventure waits for when we put all of our trust in the Lord and say “Yes”.  Learn more at www.connectingstreams.com.


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