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Have you Shared Your Faith Lately?

A Message from Focus on the Family


Communicating the Gospel Effectively

For many of us, sharing our faith with others is something that we want to do, and know we should do—but we may struggle with how to broach the subject with our family, friends and neighbors. The best beginning point is a consistent and sincere expression of unconditional love and respect for the other individual. You may not necessarily agree with their lifestyle choices, but you still want to communicate that you value them as a person; in fact, that concern for them is the motivation for sharing the Gospel.

Not only is this approach a reflection of the nature of God, your genuine example in this area will be more apt to earn for you the right to be heard and to influence more directly. Under the right circumstances, non-threatening spiritual statements or a humble recounting of your personal testimony can open doors to greater opportunities for sharing your faith. Jesus Himself often instructed those who encountered Him to simply “tell all that God has done for you” (e.g., Luke 8:39).

The Lord knows what each person needs to hear, and if you earnestly seek His help, He will show you what to say and when to say it. The power of Christ in you is sufficient for the task—and from there, it’s up to Him.


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