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Volunteer Training & Commissioning Event a Success!

On October 26th Connecting Streams hosted a Volunteer Training & Commissioning Event at the Park Church in Sherwood Park.  The event was a great success!


“The event was well attended, we had just over30 at the Leader’s Breakfast, and 60 at the General Session!  There was a real spirit of community, freedom and anticipation…a buzz, of what the Spirit would bring for individuals, for the Teams, for the people the Teams minister to,” shared Marti Vanderveen of Connecting Streams.

Here are some of the comments to the question:  What aspects of the Training was most helpful as you begin the new ministry year?

“All sessions ‘filled me up’, a wonderful morning”

“I enjoyed all the speakers messages, they were very inspiring & helpful”

“Each part was helpful & dovetailed together with each other…very helpful & informative…good combo of encouragement, scripture & information”
“To be still & listen to God thru the power of the of the Holy Spirit, to talk to God about what He is telling me.”

“Team Dynamics topic: that we all have areas we need to improve in but God works in different ways in our lives then we might think…that was very encouraging.”

“The discussion on Leadership…loved it.”

“Listening skills.”

“Sharing the gospel by Carrie.  The Spirit Filled Life by Donna.”

“The session Donna did on spiritual breathing.”

“The education on the history of aboriginals(residential schools) was excellent insight on how to be understanding of their situation.”

“Thank you this was providential and a blessing.”

“The talk about evangelism, and the story about aboriginal people.  I meet them every Sunday it was lovely to hear and know how to listen to them.”

“I felt Donna’s talk was really a great start to the ministry this fall. It was inspiring and informative and I love her soft yet clear style of leadership. She inspired in me a deep desire for partnership and collaboration to fulfill the mission of Connecting Streams through obedience to the Holy Spirit.

Carrie really got a lot of us thinking about whether we are really Christians meeting to share in the gospel or just nice people caring for people we hope will become nice. I know conversations afterward really proved that this question will stick with a lot of the participants.

Kath was great in her evoking the spirit of ministry and the “face” of God image from the listening skills session has really resonated with and spoke to me. Her humility and quirky self is being used by God in ways being strong and unauthentic never would.

Kathleen really showed me how deeply moving and what a growing experience it is to pray for another person and write that prayer down and expect it will work a work of love for God in the heart of someone who desperately needs it.”

“Thank you for an incredible day Saturday. Please pass on my thanks to Donna and everyone who spoke. I learned so much.

“I especially learned that I have not been committing enough time to spend with God in one on one “two way” communication. So much of my prayer time with God lately has been praying for God’s blessing on a need or upcoming event or presentation. Not nearly enough time spent listening to what He would say to me. Thank you for all of the learning I gleaned yesterday, but especially for this reminder!”

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