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It was an ordinary day for fishermen. Jesus instructed Simon to let down his net in deep water. Simon obeyed and Jesus performed a miracle – filling the net with fish. Then, Jesus issued the invitation: “Follow Me, and I will make you fishers of men.”

Jesus interrupted their lives – Simon and his friends left their past, profession, family, and lifestyle. They left the comfort of the familiar, and surrendered the remainder of their lives.  A community of friends left everything and chose to follow Jesus. They surrendered, they followed and they obeyed and the Lord transformed their lives and made them fishers of men!

Jesus’ call requires an active personal response. Then collectively, we can spur each other on in living out a transformed life. We can surrender afresh and together take one step at a time into all that God has for us!  (Read more…)

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God Bless,


Donna Mitchell
Director, Connecting Streams
Power to Change  

Verse of the Month

“Jesus replied to Simon, “Don’t be afraid! From now on you’ll be fishing for people!” And as soon as they landed, they left everything and followed Jesus.” Luke 5:10b & 11

Video of the Month

The Same Love by Paul Baloche gives new expression to the complete faithfulness and overwhelming mercy of a gracious God.

The same love that set the captives free
The same love that opened eyes to see
Is calling us all by name

Click here or on the image to watch the video.

same love

“God is not this impersonal force,” Paul says. “The truth is that from creation to the crucifixion, God has been calling us – by name. He’s giving us a challenge, calling us to the cross, asking, ‘Are you ready to give up your way of doing things? Come as you are, pick up your cross daily and I will transform your life.’”

(Read more of this interview with Paul Baloche…)

Stream Voices

The stories in this book represent the voices of our faithful volunteers and ministry affiliates.  They characterise committed Christ followers who represent His hands and feet to their ministry audience.  May these stories encourage you to step out in faith and partner with other believers to reach the broken and marginalized in your world.

Each story uniquely testifies of God’s unwavering compassion, grace, and love.  Throughout scripture, the Holy Spirit compelled men and women to testify of God’s intervention in their lives and in the lives of those within their sphere of influence.  We pray that the stories in this book captivate your heart and soul.

Click below to read Stream Voices.

Stream Voices Ebook

Volunteer Training & Commissioning Event

On October 26th Connecting Streams hosted a Volunteer Training & Commissioning Event at the Park Church in Sherwood Park.  The event was a great success!


“The event was well attended, we had just over 30 at the Leader’s Breakfast, and 60 at the general session!  There was a real spirit of community, freedom and anticipation…a buzz, of what the Spirit would bring for individuals, for the Teams, for the people the Teams minister to,” shared Marti Vanderveen of Connecting Streams.

Here are some of the comments to the question:  What aspects of the Training was most helpful as you begin the new ministry year?

“I especially learned that I have not been committing enough time to spend with God in one on one “two way” communication. So much of my prayer time with God lately has been praying for God’s blessing on a need or upcoming event or presentation. Not nearly enough time spent listening to what He would say to me.”

“Team Dynamics topic: that we all have areas we need to improve in but God works in different ways in our lives then we might think…that was very encouraging.”

“Kathleen really showed me how deeply moving and what a growing experience it is to pray for another person and write that prayer down and expect it will work a work of love for God in the heart of someone who desperately needs it.”

(Read more comments…)

The Treasure Film

More Joy. More Purpose. More Adventure. More to Life. More is something we all want. What if the only way to find more is to give Jesus all that you have?

Treasure is a journey of discovery—a call to explore your relationship with Christ. You will follow stories of several people, both in the films and through Scripture as they learn and discover what it truly means to be fully committed to Jesus. The Treasure Discovery Guide will also help you get the most out of this experience. You will get the opportunity to apply the stories to your life with a small group or with an online study coach.

What if the abundant life you’ve been searching for has been right in front of you all along?

Learn more about The Treasure.

Upcoming Events

Women Journey of Faith Wisdom Conference:  Join WOJF for their 14th annual conference on November 1-2, 2013 in Saskatoon!  Featuring keynote speaker Mary Kassian and special musical guests Point of Grace. Click here for tickets and information.


Defend Dignity:  This forum focuses on abolishing prostitution in Canada, give people the opportunity to see what is going around them, where they can get involved in standing against sexual exploitation and creating choices and opportunities for marginalized people in their community.  Click here for more information.

defend dignity

Widows 2 Widows Christmas Banquet: Ladies, you are invited to a special Christmas banquet in your honour on December 8th, 5:00pm at the Sherwood Park Alliance Church.  Please RVSP to Jane Dempsey by December 1st to

Widows2Widows Christmas Banquet Invitation Card - Portrait (4x6)-2013

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