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Collecting the Benefits of Faith

Blog Post by Merv Budd

Collecting the Benefits of Faith


Have you ever been in conversation with someone about what it would be like to suddenly win millions of dollars? If you have, you’ve probably heard or perhaps even thought that having lots of money wouldn’t change you that much. “I’d still be the same person.”

Really? You don’t think a person would be different if all of a sudden they were financially secure for the rest of their life? You don’t think it would change how they would spend or how they would choose to relax if money were no longer an issue? You don’t think that their attitude towards work would change knowing that they really don’t need the job. Do you really imagine that they would still be worrying over a credit card payment with a few thousand dollars on it when they knew they have millions in the bank? I hope they wouldn’t worry. You see there would be some tremendous positive implications of coming across instant wealth and to insist on it not changing you would be to deny yourself of the benefits.

There are certain things that create fundamental changes in our lives and they should. Consider marriage. Marriage should bring changes to the way individuals live their lives. Some people get the idea that marriage is more like a cohabitation agreement in which each person continues to live a life of independent, self-satisfying choices and activities. They soon find out, however, that a marriage affects everything. You can’t just have the guys over whenever you want or head out for a girls weekend shopping spree on a whim. You need to talk it over. There is mutual give and take and there ought to be a prioritizing of life together over individual life as a single. Marriage brings sweeping changes that affect a person’s whole life. And if it doesn’t the marriage will be miserable, the full benefits of marriage won’t be enjoyed.


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