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Our Own Transformation

Written by Donna Mitchell

“For those God foreknew he also predestined to be conformed to the image of his Son, that he might be the firstborn among many brothers and sisters.”  (Romans 8:29, NKJV)

It is easy to ignore or resist what the LORD is doing within us when we do not like His message!

Recently, a friend relayed her story of being an experienced member of a team with a new intern under her supervision.  She was losing patience and was becoming unsympathetic toward her new subordinate. The intern complained about the harsh treatment she received. The Lord convicted my friend and she asked for the young woman’s forgiveness.  However, my friend then said, “It would have been so easy to ignore the Lord.  I am the experienced team member and my team mates would have taken my side.”

What could have happened if my friend ignored the Lord’s conviction?  Would her heart have hardened?   If we will allow Him, the Lord will reveal the crevices of our hearts that require correction, alignment, humility, perseverance, or surrender.  These deep crevices are the places where we resist, but more importantly, they are the places where we need Him the most.

In the midst of your current life circumstances, will you ask and invite the LORD to search your heart and bring you into obedience with His will and His ways?  Unlike a renovation project, our transformation never ends.  It is a life long renovation of the heart to make us more like Jesus.

My husband Allan wrote a poem called Tapestry:

My life’s a woven tapestry, I so often fail to see,

The perfect weaving of the loom at work inside of me.

Everyday, I look unfinished, and find it hard to understand,

My tapestry’s great splendor seeking all my Lord has planned.

In times of pain and suffering when trust and pain collide,

I long to see the finished work, but only view the underside.

A tangled web of knots and threads, caught up in such a mess,

I know His works unfinished, and in His tender hands, I rest.

His needlework is perfect, in every stitch His love is told,

The crafting of His handiwork in priceless threads of gold.

I must trust the master weaver, who knows my life’s great plan.

So I’ll let Him sow his perfect will, though I may not understand.

My life’s a treasured tapestry that I shall walk in faith to see,

As I feel the nails as needles sow his tender love through me.

And when His work is finished on the topside may I see,

The perfect image of my Saviour, on my life’s great tapestry.

Father God, please make me more like Jesus.  Change my heart. Change my character.  I invite You to search my heart, every crevice, every place where I am resisting You.  Have Your way in me, for Your glory I pray.  Amen!

Question: Are there ways in which you are hardening your heart towards the Lord?

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  1. Michael Jantzen May 1, 2013 at 12:57 pm - Reply

    I really enjoyed this poem–It’s so well written, illuminating our struggle and God’s grace through it all.

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