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A Testimony from Connecting Streams Volunteer Linda Elving

As Inger and I entered the prison compound our prayer was directed for the staff and then it was answered by the guard who clears us to enter and to leave.

Please tell me why do you come?

What do you do?

I don’t get it, please explain to me…was her remarks as we were leaving the institution.

How wonderful that someone inquires why….so we proceeded to tell her what the girls say in our presence…where did my anger go…where is fight…it is gone.. I can now sleep at night…we have a community growing that cares for each other!!!

We left her Inger’s book that we use in class written by Katie Sousa and will pick it up next week.

Hidden treasures are in our midst and the guard was astounded that we spoke as such.  She only sees the spoiled girls and those who use the system for their benefit…but us…we see the kingdom of God reaching those who come and sit at God’s table…Oh what a privilege to sit with them and feed them the Word of God.  We had 5 hungry girls this week as we spoke in-depth of the Trinity.

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