Faith Adventure: Rhonda’s Story

angelsIn what was only my third time of volunteering, a young lady joined our group. She was very agitated and angry from something that had gone on in the Unit before she came, and was having a hard time focusing with the group.

As to what I was feeling, I can only explain that I hadn’t done anything like this before. This was all really new to me. I was a bit nervous (especially when the lady sat down with us even though she was so on edge). I knew in that moment that I just had to pray and give it over to God.

So right then and there, I stopped the study and began to pray over her before we continued on. I really felt God was there with us in that moment. He gave me peace in knowing He was in control and that I just had to give it all to Him. Once I prayed over our group, I felt God’s hand in control.

We began our study talking about idols. She began to tell our group how she enjoyed doing drugs and getting drunk, saying “it was fun”. I just let her talk. Incredibly, by the end of the session, she was crying and saying that she didn’t want to do those things anymore, and that it wasn’t fun.

It was simply amazing how in that short time we were together, God spoke to her in that moment through our study. What I find is that it is really important to pray and prepare ourselves before we go into jail every Monday so we can be ready for whatever comes our way.

Recently, I was having a really bad Monday morning and didn’t think I should go to the prison because I didn’t feel I had anything to offer that morning. I did end up going, however, and when the ladies walked in, one of them had brought me a picture that she had drawn of angel wings and a message that said: “The kindest thing you can do for another is show him the truth”. I looked at it and thought, “That’s nice.” We got into our groups and did our study.

The ladies left and our group was getting our coats on to leave when I noticed there was something else on the back of the picture. This is what it said: “To Rhonda, Thank you for coming and taking the time to help us get personal with Christ. Bless you, take care.” It was signed by the group of ladies who come to my group every Monday. As I read it, I started to cry. What a reminder that it’s not about me and what I think I have to offer! It’s about God. He’s in control and will provide whatever we need.

On a day when I felt I was at my worst, God blessed me with more than I could have ever imagined. Sometimes the biggest blessings come in the smallest of packages!

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