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Donna Mitchell

Hi Friends!

Last Friday, I had the privilege of speaking at the Connections for Women day at Edmonton Missions Fest. The Lord impressed on my heart to remind us that He is asking us to step into adventure – to step out in faith to trust Him – and as we do, we will learn what it means to depend upon His Spirit.  He will give us what we need as we reach out to others. 

If we are in the place where our faith will thrive, it will be a place of dependence upon Him. We need to stand firm in His calling–with the full armor upon us. (I would encourage you to pray through Ephesians 6.) Perseverance is needed as we continue to take up our cross daily and follow Him where He leads. In James chapter 1, the writer reminds us that perseverance must finish its work if we are to mature. We also need to press in as the Lord continually chisels and shapes our character. We need to be willing to let the Lord teach and mold us, even if it means discomfort. Two of our volunteers shared how steps of faith have changed their lives.  Their faith has deepened as they have watched the Lord perform miracles and transform lives – their own included!

As the other speakers shared, themes began to emerge:  Invite and allow the Lord access into the deepest parts of who you are — so He can bring life and health and a true understanding of who He is and how much He loves you. Keep seeking to love the Lord and know His voice. Put your confidence in Him and take Him at His word. Remember that the battle is His and let the Spirit thrive within you.  I liked this line from Susan Findlay, “it’s not news to God that we are inadequate”!

At the end of the day, I was moved to tears when Hilary Price shared a message entitled “Reaching Rahab”, regarding all of the hidden and broken women of the world who God sees. I was struck by the fact that Hilary kept reiterating…the women will not be able to rescue themselves. I was reminded of my dream…that the free women of the world would arise to help the captive women find freedom!

May the Lord draw you ever close to His heart until you hear His heart beat…me too!


Donna Mitchell, Director, Connecting Streams Women’s Ministry 


Quote of the Month

God is not looking for strength, but for weakness made available to Him. As Paul writes, “But God chose the foolish things of the world to shame the wise; God chose the weak things of the world to shame the strong.  He chose the lowly things of this world and the despised things – and the things that are not – to nullify the things that are, so that no one may boast before Him”  1 Cor 1:27,29.       ~ Charles Price, Senior Pastor, The People’s Church, Toronto,Ontario


Video of the Month: “Not a Fan”

 Not a Fanfan: “an enthusiastic admirer.” Are there moments in your life where you feel like you are just blending in? Are you just part of the audience?
Are there times when you wish you could really engage in your life?
Maybe you want to really take a stand for something.
Maybe what you really need is to be a follower and not a fan.
Maybe it’s time to do something. Show the world that you are a follower and not a fan. In the Gospels Jesus never seemed too interested in fans.  He was looking for followers. Not just any follower though…completely. committed. follower. Click here to watch this perspective-adjusting video.


Coming Events:


This training day is an interactive seminar with Scott Buck. Topics include learning how to share your faith story; learning the distinction between the traditional view and the biblical view of the evangelist; and discovering practical, effective ways to share the Gospel within your sphere of influence. Scott Buck has served as the Executive Director of Acts 29 Missions and is currently Pastor of Evangelism and Community Outreach at Spruce Grove Alliance Church. 

DATE: Saturday, March 12, 2011
PLACE: Sherwood Park Alliance Church, 1011 Cloverbar Road, Sherwood Park
TIME: 9:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.
COST: $20 per person (workbook and brunch included)

Please R.S.V.P. to Marian at 780-464-2405 or


Faith Adventure: “When I Walked Through These Gates, God Was Here”

She was a slight woman, shorter than most, and quiet in nature. Her straight brown hair framing her face to her chin was not yet silvered, but the wrinkles on her face indicated that she was likely over 50.  

As I handed her The Compass, she looked me calmly in the eye and said, “I never thought about God. All my life I have never been interested in or paid attention to anything to do with God. But when I walked through the gates of this prison, I felt like God was here. It was so strange.” 

Momentarily, I thought of one of the chaplains in this institution. The object of my thoughts was in her 70’s and had just been diagnosed with Parkinson’s, but had a 20-plus-year tenure of faithful care and prayer for the men and women that have come and gone through those gates. I wondered, “Does the chaplain pray that the inmates walk through the gates and know God is here?”

The woman was talking again, “And after tonight I really want to know as much as I can. I have missed so much.”

 There was a pause and I looked intently into her eyes. I knew she had more to say. She went on, “Another strange thing is that my husband has been saying every time we talk on the phone, ‘Don’t forget to say your prayers at night.’ He never has said that to me before.” 

Her eyes were brimming with tears as she continued, “Thank you so much for coming tonight.” 
A new world is opening up more to her. Jesus’ presence is with her all the way through the cafeteria and fitness centre out into the frigid, -25C short walk to her unit. He is there, in her cell, when she gets there.

“Creator of this now cold world, we know vibrant green is asleep beneath the waist-high crusty snow. She will see Spring. It will come. Please give her courage, calm, and strength as she goes to her trial. Give her grace and humility. Cradle her in your eternal, patient love. 

As she reads through The Compass, O Lord, will you speak to her heart, assure her You are with her and You see her? 

May You be to her ‘the God who sees me’, as You were to Hagar.

Great Confounder of Evil, I am Your grateful servant. I have seen Your good work once again.

By Grace R. Lennie, February 2011


Faith Adventure Opportunities

Click here to find a list opportunities for men and women to take a faith adventure in the Edmonton area. Would you be willing to help begin a Connecting Streams team in your area, or at a venue for which you have a burden and that we have not yet considered? There are also opportunities within our organization in administration, event planning, volunteer coordination, etc. View a list of our current volunteer and staff opportunities. Contact us at 1-866-416-4661 or email us at for more information.


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