Listening Your Way Into Spiritual Conversations

Donna MitchellHi Friends!

Have you ever noticed how often in our interaction with unbelievers, we expect them to initiate conversations with us on our terms? When Jesus walked the earth, He interacted very differently. He met those to whom He ministered right where they were at. Think about the woman at the well, or Zaccheus. Although He always left people with a reason to want to repent, change, and grow, He first went out of His way to meet and talk with them in a way they could relate to and that showed how much He deeply cared about them.

What better model could we have than our Savior’s? I encourage you to read the article below called Listening Your Way Into Spiritual Conversations, and then ask God to show you how you may need to grow in this area. 

Blessings to each one of you as you go out to share, as you surrender to the Holy Spirit’s leading and give of yourself for the sake of the Kingdom.

                    ~ Donna Mitchell, Director, Connecting Streams Women’s Ministry


Inspirational Videos of the Month: “Come As You Are” and “The Healing Has Begun”

Our Worship Dance Team from the Edmonton Institute for Women will be performing “Come As You Are” by Pocket Full of Rocks, and Matthew West’s “The Healing Has Begun”,  in a service at the Institute on Nov. 28. Both our volunteers and the women who live there will be dancing.

The message of both videos is the same: “Don’t let your failures define you; let them refine you. God is greater than your past. His grace is sufficient. Don’t hide yourself from Him; draw closer. God will come close to you. He is waiting with arms wide open. YOU are loved with an everlasting love!”


Quote of the Month:

“If people aren’t coming to us to have spiritual conversations on our terms, we must go to them and give up our need to control the conversation. My whole ministry changed for the better when I began to seek to understand before I sought to be understood.”  ~ Doug Pollock, God Space, p. 55


God Space by Doug PollockBook of the Month:  God Space by Doug Pollock

Do you know how to truly “listen” your way into spiritual conversations, or are you always eager to hijack the conversation to drop your spiritual nugget? Do you speed through the slightest opening to drop all the knowledge you know, or run red lights and fail to see when the other person has shut down? If you know you need to work on your relational skills when it comes to communicating the gospel effectively, then this book is for you. Click here to find out where you can purchase it, then begin to internalize and practice its principles. 


Deb KarmanFaith Adventure: Listening Your Way Into Spiritual Conversations, by Debra Karman

I have noticed lately that many of the women joining our groups are longing for a place to belong, for relationships and encouragement, but many do not have spiritual things on their radar. All of them appreciate prayer, but many have not necessarily given much thought to the things of God or to who He is.

I have just finished reading God Space by Doug Pollock. In it, he suggests creative ways to “listen” our way into spiritual conversations. I was inspired to put his thoughts into action, and thought you might be as well.

Would you take the following challenge with me and put some of his ideas (described below) into practice in your various groups or with those you meet with at work or who are in your sphere of influence? I would challenge you to try “wondering” and “listening” your way through a group time, and then debrief with your team. Discuss how each of you felt, how the ladies responded, and what new insight came out of it. Then let me know how it went for you and for those who are attending your groups.        Read more….


Faith Adventure Opportunities

Click here to find a list of opportunities for men and women to take a faith adventure in the Edmonton area. Would you be willing to help begin a Connecting Streams team in your area, or at a venue for which you have a burden and that we have not yet considered? There are also opportunities within our organization in administration, event planning, volunteer coordination, etc. View a list of our current volunteer and staff opportunities. Contact us at 1-866-416-4661 or email us at for more information.


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In association with the Canadian Football League, the thirty-second Annual Athletes in Action (AIA) Grey Cup Breakfast will be held on Saturday, November 27, 2010. The Grey Cup Breakfast is entertaining, inspiring, and affordable, and provides the audience an opportunity to consider the value of faith in Christ from professional athletes and coaches whom they know and respect. This unique outreach opportunity is family and business friendly.  Bring your family, co-workers, staff, and friends!

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