God’s Assignment

Donna Mitchell   Hi Friends!

We never know what the Lord is doing around us and whom He is drawing to Himself. I have a friend – I’ll call her Joan. My friend Joan let God know she was available for a divine assignment. Maybe you can relate – in the past, Joan had poured hours of her time and energy into relationships that were not fruitful. She wanted to be led by the Lord and to spend time with people He wanted to bring into her life for His purposes.

The divine appointment came when she least expected. One day in passing, Joan expressed some care and concern for a woman 20 years her junior. (We’ll call her Beth.) As Beth responded, it was evident that she was experiencing a significant life struggle — one that Joan had gone through herself as a teen. Joan was open with Beth, telling her that she shared her private struggle and had experienced healing from it. When Beth discovered that Joan had been set free years earlier, she was eager to find out how!

Joan was honest and said she believed the One who could really help was God. To Joan’s surprise, her new friend’s response was, “I’m really open to that!”  Many conversations later, Joan’s new friend has now become her new sister in Jesus!

Joan said building the relationship, spending the time, answering questions, and taking risks to take the conversation into spiritual things was all guided by the Spirit as she prayed for the Lord’s assignment and asked for His leading each step. The Lord drew a woman to Himself and Joan got to watch Him!! There is no greater thrill!!

Are you willing to pray for God’s assignment? He will enable, equip, teach, and change you in the process. He will take you on a faith adventure!

                              ~ Donna Mitchell, Director, Connecting Streams Women’s Ministry


Inspirational Video of the Month: “Revelation Song” by Kari Jobe

Let’s worship the Lamb who was slain, singing, “Holy, holy is He” along with Kari Jobe in her stirring rendition of the Revelation Song“.


Quote of the Month:

“You need to know the cross is not just the starting line. It’s the very centerpiece of your story with God. It’s the place where the pain of ‘you will have trouble’ meets the triumph of ‘I have defeated the world’.”  

                                                                                                                                                                               ~ Plan B by Pete Wilson


Faith Adventure: Going to the Place Where Faith Thrives, by Deb Fawcett

We have this place where we feel at ease. In this place, we know what to expect. Any risks we take are carefully calculated. Things are to our liking. We have people around us that we like that are like us. This is a place of control. We feel confident about our role and belonging. This is our comfort zone. This is not a place where faith thrives. Faith is an accessory in that place. Connecting Streams is engaging people to go to the place where faith thrives.                           Read more…


Coming Events:

ROY FINANCIAL MAYOR’S WALK FOR CHARITY 2010 – Saturday, June 19, 2010

We have been given an awesome opportunity! The Mayor of St. Albert sponsors a walk for charity each year. This year Connecting Streams is one of their charities. If you’re not personally able to participate in the walk, you are welcome to sponsor a participant. Contact Marian Davis at info@connectingstreams.com for details, or send cheques payable to Roy Financial Mayor’s Walk for Charity to: Connecting Streams, Nottingham RPO, PO Box 92535, Sherwood Park, AB  T8A 3X4.


How Close Can You Get?, by Dave Crawford

While attending a recent conference with Connecting Streams as a volunteer photographer, the Lord dropped into my heart this little parallel between the principles of wildlife photography and the process of sharing with a lost soul his or her need for Jesus, or of guiding a wounded soul back to the cross with comfort and assurance. As a wildlife photographer, I have learned some lessons along the way. I’ve also come to realize how much more there is still to learn, both about photography and about wildlife. As a young photographer, I would often rush into a situation to get a good picture, only to find that I had scared the animals away and lost the opportunity.             Read more…


Volunteer Opportunities: How to Get Started on Your Faith Adventure

Are you longing to make a difference – to step out with God? Are you sensing His call? We invite women of all ages and stages to make an exciting, life-changing transition from the routine to the remarkable. Will you pray about what God has planned for you? If your heart is being stirred to become involved with us in stepping out to reach your world, either as a leader or as part of a volunteer team, we would love to hear from you. Contact us to discuss your potential volunteer or career involvement with Connecting Streams Women’s Ministry.  Call 1-866-416-4661 or email us at info@connectingstreams.com. Look for us on the web at www.connectingstreams.com.


Give the Gift of the Transformation Message of Jesus… 

If you would be interested in donating funds to pay for Compasses (a ministry tool that outlines the gospel) given to women and girls in institutions who are not able to pay for them, please email Marian at info@connectingstreams.com and she will provide you with the necessary information.  Thank you in advance for your consideration and gift!

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