Transformation or Preservation?

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It is interesting to observe the antonym of transformation. I am not surprised – it is preservation. People who are willing to relinquish their old ways of thinking and behaving – who take the Lord at His word, even when it is difficult to do so – are transformed.

To continue to grow, mature, risk, learn, and become who I need to be to accomplish His plans and purposes, I need to be willing to be transformed – changed from the inside out. My natural instinct is to preserve – to hold onto what I have and remain in control. However, when I embrace transformation by co-operating with the Lord, I walk into freedom like a butterfly freed from its cocoon!

It takes whole-hearted trust in the Lord to let go and wait for Him to act on our behalf.  Yesterday I was reading Psalm 28 in the New Living Translation. Overwhelmed and discouraged, I prayed Psalm 28 back to the Lord. I asked Him, “Do not turn a deaf ear to me…Listen to my prayer for mercy as I cry out to You for help, as I lift my hands toward Your holy sanctuary…”

And then…I was surprised by verses 6-9, as the Psalm’s tone changed.                                                                                                                                                  Read more

                       ~ Donna Mitchell, Director, Connecting Streams Women’s Ministry


Quotes of the Month:

“Assurance grows by repeated conflict, by our repeated experimental proof of the Lord’s power and goodness to save; when we have been brought very low and helped, sorely wounded and healed, cast down and raised again, have given up all hope, and been suddenly snatched from danger, and placed in safety; and when these things have been repeated to us and in us a thousand times over, we begin to learn to trust simply to the word and power of God, beyond and against appearances: and this trust, when habitual and strong, bears the name of assurance; for even assurance has degrees.”
                                                             ~ John Newton, as quoted in Brief Biography

“The LORD is the everlasting God, the Creator of all the earth. He never grows weak or weary. No one can measure the depths of His understanding. He gives power to the weak and strength to the powerless.” 
                                                                                                ~ Isaiah 40:28b-29  NLT



In 1873, Horatio Spafford penned the words to the hymn “It Is Well With My Soul” after the tragic death of his four daughters. Find out the story behind the song in this inspiring Tangle video! 


Coming Events:

     October 23 – 24, 2009 – Join us at the One Voice Conference in Vancouver to help unite and equip the Body of Christ in preparation for the Olympics. Visit for more details. Coming soon on the website will be a promotional video you can share with friends and contacts. More details next month…



If you desire for us to come and speak to your women’s or church group, let us know by emailing Donna at We’d love to be a part of challenging women to be transformed by the love of God, and to step out to reach their world by taking a faith adventure. It’s thrilling to hear what the Lord does when we are willing to step out in faith – we change! Visit our website to find out more about a faith adventure!!


Faith Adventure: Not Ready

The Lord does not necessarily call us when we feel ready. I am sure you have cried out to the Lord at some point, “NOW, Lord??” 

A Connecting Streams volunteer was recently invited by a friend to reach out to others at a very painful time in her life –  at a time when she most likely felt like she had nothing to give. Now, several months later, sitting down over coffee with a colleague, she began to cry as she reiterated what the Lord has just done for her.

Walking others through the Compass, she had discovered (along with those with whom she was sharing God’s love) that the Lord was pursuing her. It was a profound insight. Along the path of ministering, her own heart was changing and being healed in the going.                                           Read more


Rejection, by Cath Thorlakson

Read Acts 13: 48 – 52

“But the Jews stirred up the devout women of high rank and oustanding men of the town, and instigated persecution against Paul and Barnabas, and drove them out of their boundaries.   

But [the apostles] shook off the dust from their feet against them and went to Iconium. And the disciples were continually filled [throughout their souls] with joy and the Holy Spirit.”
                                                                                                            Acts 13: 50 – 52

Have you ever been pushed out of a ministry position? I have. It is very painful, and with the help of the enemy, it takes a swipe at the core of our sense of competence and adequacy, and even sometimes at our self-esteem.     

Jesus prepared His disciples for this eventuality. He told them that if they were not accepted, it was really Him and our Heavenly Father being rejected (Luke 10:16). His instruction was that they were to shake the dust off their feet against them and move on (Luke 10:10 & 11). They did just that – and that is obedience! The result? Hearts full of continual joy and the Holy Spirit.                                 Read more

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