Complete Surrender


I’ll call her Jane. Jane is a new believer. We meet Monday evenings in prison. She is being transformed by God right before our eyes, and speaks the most profound truths. Last week was no exception. Jane looked at us and said, “You know how you say the Lord continually whispers and speaks to us? Well, He is showing me that when I am completely surrendered to Him, I can hear Him speak, but when I take back control, I don’t hear Him.”

Profound. True. The Lord had been speaking to me about fully embracing my call. There are parts that are hard, but I think they are harder when I resist Him – when I try to take control or dictate to the Lord how I want things to be. Like Jane, Lord, I want to be fully surrendered moment by moment. I don’t want to resist or rebel against You. 

I wrote in my journal, “LORD, I want to co-operate- to surrender to Your will, Your assignment, Your conditions, Your timing, Your opportunities and design….LORD to the best of my ability, I surrender myself to You. Please help me flourish moment by moment, accepting the grace You give.” 

                   ~ Donna Mitchell, Director, Connecting Streams Women’s Ministry



Quote of the Month:

“…God’s plans for you, and His ways of bringing about His plans, are infinitely wise.”         ~ Madame Guyon



If you desire for us to come and speak to your women’s or church group, let us know by emailing Donna at We’d love to be a part of challenging women to be transformed by the love of God, and to step out to reach their world by taking a faith adventure. It’s thrilling to hear what the Lord does when we are willing to step out in faith – we change! Visit our website to find out more about a faith adventure!!


  Why Fasting? by Deb Fawcett

I’ve wanted for a long time for fasting to be a part of my life. At different times I’ve taken haphazard shots at fasting. I’d think, “I think I’ll give it a try today,” and I would fast until I got hungry. (Now honestly, I don’t think that’s really fasting. I think that’s skipping a meal.) For a few months I fasted once a week, until I went on a missions trip and the leader didn’t allow fasting. This totally derailed my streak, which I didn’t resume when I got home. It was kind of a good thing though, because I was feeling proud of myself for fasting regularly, which just seems totally counterproductive.

This brings me to my first question about fasting: Is fasting supposed to be productive? Add to that question a couple of others: What do you get out of fasting?  Does it work? Come to think of it, are these questions anywhere near the right questions, or do they in themselves reveal that I just don’t get it? Is it like going to the library and asking for a hamburger and fries, and then when the librarian says, “This is a library”, responding by asking again, only much more quietly?                Read more


  Faith Adventure Story: When I am Weak, He is Strong, by Sandy Tracy

I first felt called to prison ministry after hearing some ladies speak at a dessert evening hosted by Connecting Streams Women’s Ministry.

But it wouldn’t be until almost a year later, after running into an old friend who herself was now involved in prison ministry, that I made a call to find out more.

I now have had the privilege and opportunity to go several times and experience what God is doing at the prison in Fort Saskatchewan.                 Read more…                          


Frustration, by Cath Thorlakson

Read Psalm 123

“Behold, as the eyes of servants look to the hand of their master, and as the eyes of a maid to the hand of her mistress, so our eyes look to the Lord our God, until He has mercy and loving-kindness for us.”
                                                                                                 Psalm 123:2

For a leader, it is painful to have a vision of where you want to go and what you want to do, and find yourself stuck. We can spend agonizing hours strategizing and re-strategizing, trying to get there. Yet, no matter how hard we try, our efforts are blocked.                                            Read more

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