The Ripple Effect

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There was a reason Jesus spent the majority of His earthly ministry pouring into 12 men.

He understood the principle of the “ripple effect”. He knew that 12 radically changed lives could – and did – change history. As those men surrendered their lives to the truth of the gospel message, they in turn would make disciples of those around them – and the ripple effect would begin.

That’s our very heart here at Connecting Streams. We are few in number – but that means nothing in God’s eyes. Our goal is to reproduce – to form teams that are replicatable – and to spill ourselves out in radical service to God.

Is this your heartbeat too? Do you desire to stir up those around you who are tired of being stale spiritually, and light a fire under them to go out into your communities and make a difference?

If you share our passion to mobilize the women in your life – both those who are already Christians but who may be stagnant, and also those who have never made a decision to follow Christ – then we would love to come to your area and speak to you. We are inviting you to invite us to your Church, your community, your small groups.                Read more….

                          ~ Donna Mitchell, Director, Connecting Streams Women’s Ministry


  Faith Adventure Story – I Did Not Have a Heart for the Lost, by Marcia Kostelyk

One year ago I attended the Connecting Streams Dessert Fundraiser. It was there that I was moved by the Holy Spirit and first felt the call to this ministry. When [Director] Donna Mitchell asked me if I would like to share my experience with you, I responded without reservation with a big “YES”! However, when it came time to write down this last year’s journey, I realized I would need your attention for an hour to tell the whole story! So I focused by asking this question…what does the Holy Spirit want for you to know about this ministry?

There was a time within the last 10 years that I became painfully aware that I did not have a heart for the lost. I am not sure how long I prayed for this, but there was a season that I asked the Lord to change my heart. I begged Him to place a burden on me for those who are not going to spend eternity in heaven. When you ask the Lord this, He is faithful and will answer this prayer!!

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  Resource Recommendations:

I (Donna) read a book recently that messed with me in the best possible way.  It is called The Irresistible Revolution: living as an ordinary radical, by Shane Claiborne.                                                

From the back cover:                                                                                                  

“In The Irresistible Revolution, Shane Claiborne invites you into a movement of the Spirit that begins in the heart and extends through our hands into a broken world. Using examples from his own unconventional life, Shane Claiborne stirs up questions about the church and the world, challenging you to live out an authentic Christian faith. This book will comfort the disturbed, disturb the comfortable, and invite believers to change the world with Christ’s radical love.”

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Be blessed by this inspirational YouTube video filled with passionate cries for the sleeping Church to arise and go forth!                                                      



If you desire for us to come and speak to your women’s or church group, let us know by emailing Donna at We’d love to be a part of challenging women to be transformed by the love of God, and to step out to reach their world by taking a faith adventure. It’s thrilling to hear what the Lord does when we are willing to step out in faith – we change! Visit our website to find out more about a faith adventure!!


Powerful Intercession, by Cath Thorlakson

Read Exodus 32:1 – 14

“(Earnestly) remember Abraham, Isaac, and Israel, Your servants, to whom You swore by Your own self and said to them, ‘I will multiply your seed as the stars of the heavens, and all this land that I have spoken of will I give to your seed, and they shall inherit it forever.

Then the Lord turned from the evil which He had thought to do to His people.”
                                                                       Exodus 32:13 – 14

This passage is packed full of lessons for me.

First of all, it reminds me that God does have limits.  It seems clear that God can lose patience with us – though according to Scripture, it is slow-coming.  I don’t know exactly how far God’s patience extends, and though we do live under His grace because of Jesus Christ, I find myself motivated to walk in a manner worthy of Him and His call.

A second thing that is clear in these verses is the heart of this leader.  Moses also got very frustrated and worn out trying to deal with these stubborn people.  (I feel free to call them that since God did – though He may see some similar things in me).  Even though Moses faced opposition and difficulty with these people, when God threatened to burn against them and start over with Moses, Moses jumped in to intercede.  That, to me, is a picture of selflessly caring for people.  The Israelites never even knew!                                     Read more….                                  

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