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The Ripple Effect, by Donna Mitchell

There was a reason Jesus spent the majority of His earthly ministry pouring into 12 men.

He understood the principle of the “ripple effect”. He knew that 12 radically changed lives could – and did – change history. As those men surrendered their lives to the truth of the gospel message, they in turn would make disciples of those around them — and the ripple effect would begin.

That’s our very heart here at Connecting Streams. We are few in number – but that means nothing in God’s eyes. Our goal is to reproduce – to form teams that are replicatable – and to spill ourselves out in radical service to God.

Is this your heartbeat too? Do you desire to stir up those around you who are tired of being stale spiritually, and light a fire under them to go out into your communities and make a difference?

If you share our passion to mobilize the women in your life – both those who are already Christians but who may be stagnant, and also those who have never made a decision to follow Christ – then we would love to come to your area and speak to you. We are inviting you to invite us to your Church, your community, your small groups.

Connecting Streams was initially birthed in October 2006 as a result of our burden and passion to see women across the country arise and step out together to share Jesus with their world. 

The first ladies who came to Christ within our ministry were colleagues in the marketplace, neighbors, and friends. The Lord then began to open doors in the prisons and seniors’ homes. Throughout this whole journey, the Lord has continually been revealing to us His heart for the marginalized and forgotten. 

It’s been interesting to me to observe how the Lord at first began, and now continues, to raise up volunteers. The ones He brings to us are those who could make a list of all the reasons why they couldn’t or shouldn’t be a part of this “adventure”. Plagued by  sickness or fears, or walking in the midst of personal tragedies – you name it, that would describe our volunteers. To me, this is another example of the extreme need to call the Body to arise. If these women can do it…you can too!

A few weeks ago, I attended the “Cross the Street Conference” in Calgary. The message of the conference reiterated the heart of everything I am reading right now –that, as we involve ourselves in mission, in loving and sharing Jesus with people – in “Crossing the Street” to reach out to others – we are changed. This is the only way the world will be reached. The time is now. 

We believe recapturing God’s mission and heart will only come through involvement. We have to taste and see to truly understand. The Lord is showing us that taking women on a faith adventure is part of the answer – the experience is changing people.  

At an event we held last week, two volunteers stood up to share their journey. Through many tears and with much joy, they described the recent changes in their lives: greatly improved relationships with their husbands, better ways of relating to other women in their churches, an increased hunger for Scripture, and the liberating realization that God could use their story to help others. They realized the women in prison weren’t inmates; they became friends. 

These women are dramatically changing. Their relationships are incredibly changing. We believe that ultimately these changes will bring new life to their churches — not to mention how their testimonies will impact the inmates who hear the gospel (many for the first time) and are then loved and cared for by their mentors. (THAT is a whole different story!)

Opportunities to share Jesus with the people in our world are endless. Doors are opening for us in the inner city, in the young offender’s centre, and in post-prison settings. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, or if you want to initiate a faith adventure in your area, please contact us at info@connectingstreams.com. There are a variety of opportunities available, from hands-on, front-line ministry to administration and event planning. 

At a fundraising event last week, a woman approached us asking that we come and speak to the women she leads at her church. She said, “They need this!” Women are being transformed as they step out in faith together. Their stories are challenging and inspiring. If you would like us to come and speak at your church or event, please contact me personally at donna.mitchell@connectingstreams.com.

The time is short. The mandate is crucial.

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