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Evangelism Not Only a Verb, but Also a Noun! by Merv Budd

We are to tell as much as to do when it comes to sharing the Gospel. Good deeds without words can’t lead others to salvation.

For the longest time it seemed that churches needed to be reminded that sharing the Good News was a verb; it required that we do something. It seems that slowly the Church is grasping this reality. The problem is evangelism is also a noun, specifically a name, and we must attribute the name of Jesus to what we do.

This particular rant is fueled by reading the November/December 2008 issue of [a well-known Christian magazine]. In several stories it told of acts of Christian care, generosity or compassion but each emphasized that they didn’t preach. Even when asked why they did what they did by those to whom they ministered, instead of telling of the generous kindness of Jesus, or His love which compels, they simply said, “Because we think you deserve it.”

Perhaps what is most disturbing is that the impression given is that the act of preaching the Gospel is wrong, or offensive. While some may find the message of the cross a stumbling block, this does not give us an excuse to not preach.

As Paul has said, “Woe to me if I do not preach the Gospel.” And woe to us if we think we can share God’s love void of telling of His Son.

Originally published in the Equipping Evangelists’ National Team Newsletter, Spring 2009.

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