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Exceptional Conviction, by Donna Mitchell

A few of us ministry leaders were recently discussing whether those who volunteer with Connecting Streams have any “exceptional” qualities.  Was there a common characteristic that could be said about all of them?

Demographically, the women are 20-80 years old.  Some are students, some own businesses, and others are retired.  Some would describe themselves as extroverts, and others as introverts.  Some know their gifts, and some don’t think they have any.  Some would describe themselves as generally fearful – or at least definitely not courageous – while others are as bold as lions.  Some have much experience in life; others would say they are naïve.

Then two leaders spoke up in agreement, observing that there was one quality that each volunteer across the board possessed. That common ground was an exceptional conviction that God loves people so much, that it’s worth the risk or personal sacrifice to step out in faith together to share His love.

We are looking for women who share this conviction.  Are you tired of the status quo in your spiritual life?  Do you long for a vibrant faith, for a deeper understanding and experience of God’s love?  Do you want to join other women to make a difference, and be transformed in the process?

If so, take a life-changing faith adventure with us, or initiate one in your own sphere of influence.  Either way, we want to help. Contact us at www.connectingstreams.com to share a faith adventure, request prayer, or join our bands of hearty volunteers.

We look forward to hearing from you!!

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