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Waiting by Cath Thorlakson

Read Psalm 27

“Wait and hope for and expect the Lord; be brave and of good courage and let your heart be stout and enduring.  Yes, wait for and hope for and expect the Lord.”

                                                          Psalm 27:14

God does not seem at all concerned about hurrying.  Joseph waited through years and incredible hardship for the fulfillment of his dreams. Talk about the death of a vision!!!  David also. . .  Annointed king when he was young, spent much time living in caves and running for his life with others who had been rejected.  Can’t you imagine how they questioned?

‘Lord, did I miss something here?  Have You abandoned me?  Have you changed Your mind?  Did I do something wrong?’  I wonder if Abraham ever wondered if he heard wrong. 

Do you have an unfulfilled dream or vision?  I do.  In fact, in the front of my journal, this phrase is written: “When I meet Abraham and Sarah, I’m going to greet them as soul mates.”

It still goes on today for many of us.  It seems that waiting is a common experience for God’s chosen servants.  David sets the standard for response in Psalm 27.  This chapter expresses courage in the face of fear, determination to dwell in the house of the Lord seeking His face, and dependence on God’s kindness. 

In verse ten, he makes it clear that no matter which humans turn on us – if even our parents, we stay secure as God’s child.

Finally, in verses 13 and 14, he expresses the life-saving value of faith.  He exhorts us to hope, to be brave, to wait for, and to expect the Lord to come through.  Take a look at Hebrews 11.  He has been faithful to others.  He will come through for you too.  What are you waiting for?  Keep your eyes on the Lord and wait expectantly for Him.  Absolutely nothing is too hard for our Almighty and Sovereign God.

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