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The Battle by Cath Thorlakson

The battle was raging outside. The enemy troops were closing in and getting the upper hand. The younger ones and some of the older ones were getting wounded and angry. They came storming into the king’s throne room. They were angered that the king wasn’t doing anything. “Do something! We’re losing the battle!” The king just looked up and invited them to just come and visit for a while and get some rest. That’s what the older warriors were doing – the ones with the crowns of glory. They seemed to spend most of their time in there. The younger ones thought the older ones just didn’t understand what was going on outside threatening their world and their peace. They couldn’t just rest. They had to fight the battle!There were a few younger ones who spent more time in the throne room with the King and the older ones. There were some with crowns of glory who seemed to be spending time out in the battle field. They too, were exhausted and frustrated that the King wasn’t doing more for them. Those sitting around the throne were at great peace but the ones fighting outside would run in and say to them. “What about the battle? We are going to lose!”

The ones in throne room seemed to understand what those fighting outside didn’t. “You just don’t understand how powerful our King is. He doesn’t need to be out there. He has this planned and knows exactly how to finish it. Stay and wait and watch. The real battle is fought in here. It is not a battle of flesh and blood. It is a battle higher than you can impact. The battle is won in the throne room and in here there is rest. In here, there is more protection. In here there is love. As you stay in here, the King does His work in a higher realm. If He asks you to go out, you will find victory out there, but you must remember to come back in often so that you can regain your energy and perspective and be infused with the King’s power again. You cannot live out there in the battle. You will not win. Come in and rest a while and the King will let you know when to go back out again. He will also instruct you as to what you should do when you go out so that you are victorious.”

It is striking that the crowns of glory in the throne room are the ones who have been in the battle for a while. They understand how it works – how the King works. Many of them have learned that their home base needs to be inside the throne room and they must wait to receive their action plans from the King. They are the powerful warriors. The older ones who are still fighting outside carry so many more scars. Their faces are scarred by time and wounds, and they hurt in so many places. The younger ones who have learned to spend more time in the throne room tend to be more fresh and rested. They are more powerful warriors than the ones outside fighting without coming in to the King. They often look to the older ones who know the King better and they are growing stronger because they are there and because the older ones are helping them. These are the ones who will make the difference in the battle . . . the ones who spend the most time in the throne room with the King. With Him, there is rest, freshness and power.

The more of the warriors that realize that, and the more who will join together with the others in the throne room; the greater the power for those who go out empowered to win, coming back for refreshing whenever they can. The place of the battle and the victory are in the throne room. Outside, where the battle rages is only to be entered on the command of the King – the leader. Many try to take over and lead for Him from outside. They will not succeed. That makes the King sad, so He continues to call them in hoping that some day they can come and find rest. The battle will be won anyway. It is just a matter of how the King plans. We must stay in throne room and then obey what He asks us to do from there.

The crowns of glory in the throne room reassure the younger warriors that they can trust. They have seen His power before and He has never, ever failed. They know that He never will fail and they tell the younger ones who will listen. Even apparent losses have turned out to be victories. If they will just rest and trust and stay in His presence, they will all be mighty warriors who will help others to trust the King. They will win many victories because they have been in throne room. Those who stay in the throne room seem to borrow from the King’s power and give it to those who come in only to go back out and fight some more – only by the King’s command. They join together and many battles are won. The most remarkable thing is that as they fight the fight of peace, enemy warriors see that they need that and join in with the others in throne room. This is the way that the battle is won. The King deeply loves those on the enemy’s side and He wants them all to come in. Some will come and some won’t, and for those who don’t He is sad. For those of us who stay in the throne room is great peace and great victory forever and ever.

Why not let the King fight the battle and win?

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