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It is so worth the risk!!

Lisa writes thanking God for a friend who accepted Christ a couple of weeks before Christmas!

My Dear Friends,

Today he has joined the family of God as a son of the most High God!! PRAISE GOD!!! I can’t believe how ‘easy’ it was, it is all the work of the Holy Spirit and the grace of God. As I write this, my eyes are filled with tears for the privilege we have to be partners with the One knows each of us by name and knows the time and the place He calls us to be His own!
There is much to tell…The section in the Compass we studied had several parts: God created the world, God loves you, people are lost, bridging the gulf and receiving Christ and the choice is yours.. He liked the idea of wanting to know God personally and as he read how it was possible, he said ‘I don’t think I know enough to receive Christ. I feel like I have to study more.’ It was then that I think the Holy Spirit took over as I said to him…

“We’ve studied for 8 months, you’ve read the Pastor’s sermons and devotionals but we will never know Christ exhaustively until we get to heaven. However, think of it like a relationship. When you first meet someone they are an acquaintance. You don’t’ know everything about them but you are attracted to them and are enjoying their company so you want to spend more time together. You decide to move from casual dating to making a commitment to get to know them better because you sense this is the one for you. So it is with your relationship with Christ…you have seen how He has transformed your appetites, you are drawn to Him, to His ways and His truth and you have a desire to align your life with His values, beliefs and attitudes. Now, as you make that commitment to have him as the Lord of your life and submit to His leading and Lordship, He will reveal more of Himself to you so that you can know Him better”.

At that moment the light bulb went off in his head and he said ‘okay that’s true so what do I do know to receive Him.’ He then proceeded to read the sinner’s prayer in the book. I made him read it twice (just to make sure!).

Finally, I hope this email encourages you all…For the past 8 years I had prayed for my friend every Thursday as well as other colleagues here at my workplace. This experience once again reminds me that God does not forget where the seed is planted. As we persist in our prayers for those in our midst that are unsaved, let us not grow weary. Indeed the One who calls us is faithful and He will do it! (1 Thess. 5:24).

His parting words to me — ‘I’m looking forward to this Christmas. It is going to be very special time.’ Indeed it will!!

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