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One of the leaders in women’s ministry sent us this comment regarding inspiring women to continue to reach out with their faith.

“I can see great potential with the Compass tool and the need to share it with seeking women. However the challenge in my ministry has been keeping the women outreach focused verses wanting to stay together and create another study group. Once they have shared and women have come to faith they have the tendency to want to draw in towards each other. They say they’re not ready to share; they are pretty intent on staying together. So I figure that somehow I need to find ways to inspire or ignite the vision of reaching beyond themselves. Do you have any suggestions?”

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  1. abbaschild December 19, 2007 at 10:42 am - Reply

    We do have a group here who is pioneering exactly what you seem to be experiencing with your ladies. The women going to prison are part of a core group of four. They meet every Tuesday to live life together, go deeper in the Lord and minister to whom ever God might send. As well, they have decided to split up two by two and do the prison ministry. What they have found is that the prison outreach has enhanced the time they spend together going deeper. They have found a way to do both and in the process God has enhanced the focus that it is not about them but he is blessing them as a group for their obedience to go out and share the gospel. The stories they are able to share together on Tuesdays have just magnified God in their eyes and they have caught a contagious excitement to see women come to Christ. I think it is important for women to know that they can have both a core growth group and reach out at the same time. It is just about asking the Lord what it will look like for each of them individually and how best to manage their time.

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