A Call on Our Lives…

Urgent pleas can go unnoticed…we hear the times are urgent…people crying for a Savior and the time is almost up. Regardless of when Jesus returns, it is urgent. It was urgent for the teenager who drove over a hill near my home and lost control…and his life. It is urgent because regardless of when Jesus returns, our time could be up.

It is not only urgent for us to share with the lost but crucial for our own spiritual life. I believe that is a message God wants to tell women.

Arise…follow and experience Me. Be intentional about taking risks into your sphere of influence. Your life depends upon it. Mountain top highs and the truths that are shown to you need to be fleshed out in real life. In the process of sharing with others and demonstrating My love, you will be set free.

Don’t wait until your life is perfect. It will never happen. Don’t wait until the fear leaves…courage is not the absence of fear…I will give you courage past the fear but you have to follow Me.

The women are the ones that God will empower. The tools are only to invite women to discover, experience and be inspired to share with others intentionally.

God has a call on our life, we have absolutely nothing to fear, we have everything we need…we have Him.

How do we as leaders call women into a faith adventure that could be life changing for them and for those God is calling around them? How would you empower women and encourage them to overcome obstacles beyond the fear?

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