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God is On the Move – Story

A few weeks ago, two volunteers met with two inmates in the prison and shared the Father’s Love Letter with them. We were short of Compasses for the prison and looking for sources to donate more. The women were given a photocopy of the letter to keep and read over the next week. The following day, an anonymous donor generously funded 50 new Compasses for prison ministry!

The next week, armed with a Compass and Bible for each lady, the volunteers returned. However, there was a power outage in the prison so the two inmates were not able to join them. Not deterred, these two volunteers spent the hour and a half praying for their ladies and went home. On the third week, they were able to meet with these two inmates and this is the story that unfolded.

The two inmates told our volunteers that they took their Father’s Love Letter to their cell and read it over and over; hanging it on their walls so they could see it everyday. When it was time for inspections, they would place it under their pillows and immediately hang it back on the wall when inspection was over. The Sunday before this third visit, there had been a service in the prison chapel and the pastor had asked if anyone wanted to accept Jesus. Both these women stood up and the one said, “I didn’t look anywhere around me, I just looked straight ahead at the pastor, I just wanted Jesus.” When they met with our volunteers, they were prayed for, their new life in Christ celebrated, and each woman was given her own Compass and a Bible. The volunteers left with tears in their eyes as they realized God allowed them the privilege of witnessing these two women come to Christ.

God used two willing volunteer hearts, a simple but profound love letter and met two women in their prison cells. One of the inmates was released and has connected with a Bible study group in her area to help her continue the journey. God is truly on the move.

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  1. abbaschild December 3, 2007 at 1:53 pm - Reply

    It thrills me to know that God is always active in pursuing his people and he allows us the opportunity to see his heart in action. My prayer is that I will be ready and listening to the Holy Spirit as opportunities to share come up in my world in whatever way that might be.

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