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Taking a Risk – Story

A team of women I meet with for prayer each week have been on many faith adventures together. The most recent of which is a call to go into the prison system and share the gospel with the women there. We started this journey into the unknown in September using the Compass. We went unsure of the language, culture or what to expect. As a group of women we knew God had opened a door and was asking us to trust Him to meet us in this setting. That is exactly what He has done.

As we meet each week with the inmates we have seen the Holy Spirit build bridges and take down barriers that has allowed for immediate connections with these ladies. God has given us words right on time when we did not know how to respond to the incredible challenges these women have faced and are facing. There have been openings to share some of our own journeys and God has used this to create a hunger for Himself in these women. They have let us into their worlds, shared their longings and even told us, “I want what you have.”

Each week we are faced with the unknown as women get released and new women join, but we are amazed at the faithfulness of God to meet with our small groups and reveal a little more about Himself each time. I have to say that the privilege of going and sharing God’s story with these hurting women, seeing Him love and meet with them right where they are at, and watching how He provides for us as we facilitate the discussion has absolutely increased my faith. What seemed like such a risk has become one of my greatest blessings and stepping into it with companion’s just increases the opportunities to remind each other what a wonderful faithful God we serve.

Where has God opened an opportunity for you in your world? Who could you step into it with? The Compass is an extremely simple and useful tool to share God with those around you who are longing for community and looking for a source of comfort and hope. Two of the inmates who share a cell went through the Compass together; it is clear and provides a pathway that they were able to follow without our help. God loves to include us but He doesn’t need us. Our experience in the prison is to shape our faith, receive a heart for His kingdom and understand how able He is. It is a wonderful thing to share in His plans for others. Where is He calling you to risk? Step into the faith adventure God has prepared just for you.

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  1. abbaschild December 3, 2007 at 1:48 pm - Reply

    Some of the things I have learned while stepping out and sharing my faith are that I cannot fully understand the culture before I begin engaging.I have learned that women will ask questions I am not prepared for.• I have learned to really listen to people and have found many who are crying for someone to just hear them. I am learning to listen for the Holy Spirit’s promptings and relaxing through the quiet moments in conversations. I am meeting God as i engage with others and he is instilling a joy to share his story in a variety of settings. I would love to hear some of the experiences of other women as they reach out in thier settings.

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