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The Book That Transformed Nations by Loren Cunningham
YWAM Publishing

The Power of the Bible to Change Any Nation. No country is too hard… to poor… too filled with crime… too divided by war… or too spiritually dark to be changed. A dedicated minority applying God’s Word under the power of the Holy Spirit can change any country. There’s hope for people who’ve never had a biblical heritage, and there’s hope fo rthose who’ve lost what they had.
God has given us basic principles that are keys to every problem we face even in the twenty-first century. The answers lie between the covers of one book – the Bible. The Book That Transforms Nations demonstrates how, together, we can use the Bible to change the whole world. Loren Cunningham’s fifty years of ministry have taken him to the world’s poorest and neediest as well as to kings and presidents. Here he offers a solid reason to hope and work for a better future.
• See how God has already worked wonders in the nations
• Meet heroes who have discipled countries in applying the Bible’s transforming truths
• Learn about innovative methods for getting God’s Word out to everyone
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