“Just Believe” by Carol Nicolet

She spent Friday evening with Jerry and me. After “Piglet’s Big Movie” and an evening of fun, I put our little five-year-old in her car seat.

Jerry and I had no children of our own. Janae (which means “God has replied”) joined my brother’s family at four months of age. I treasured having this beautiful baby girl in my life.

As I drove her home that evening, Janae chatted on about baseball and all she was learning. She told me her head was getting too full.

“It’s a good thing we don’t have to learn everything at one time, but keep learning throughout our lives,” I said. “Uncle Jerry and I are both still learning.”

“Is Grandpa still learning?” Janae asked.

“What a good question,” I replied, thinking back to my beloved father’s death two months earlier. “Grandpa probably is learning new things all the time. But the Bible says we will also ‘know’ more when get to heaven, so I’m not certain.”

“Well, there’s only one way to find out for sure.”

“What’s that?” I asked.

“To die,” Janae replied.

I said that would happen to all of us one day; and told her that because we also love Jesus we will see Grandpa again.

Her mind was working. “Well, for me that’s ‘I hope’.”

“What do you mean?”

Our five-year old spoke thoughtfully: “I don’t know if I believe in Jesus yet. Sometimes I tell myself, ‘Janae, just believe–you’ve heard enough.’”

My jaw dropped at this little one’s thought process and I shot up a desperate prayer for wisdom.

“Honey, if you ever want to ask Jesus into your life, you can just talk to your Mommy and Daddy and they’ll help you.”

A second of silence and then, “Why can’t I do it right now?”

I almost ran into a pole.

“You can.”

“What should I say?”

I told her to talk to Jesus, ask Him to forgive her and to come into her life.

After a few minutes of silence, Janae said, “I did it.”

I turned to look back at her. My ‘precious pup’ beamed. She gave me a transparent, glowing smile, then said, “Turn around now, Auntie Carol. We don’t want to have an accident!”

When I asked what she’d told Jesus, it was evident that Janae understood.

I’d prayed that God would allow me to be present when this little child gave her life to Christ; but had relinquished that desire to Him, thinking it would likely be (appropriately) her Mom and Dad’s privilege. What an incredible gift God gave in allowing me to be part of Janae’s initial commitment to Him.

After dropping Janae off I drove home. I found my husband prone on the couch, watching TV.

“Turn off the TV, honey. I’ve got to tell you what just happened.”

Janae’s conversation with me was spontaneous, unexpected, and straightforward. I was still in awe as I shared the event with my husband, then with Janae’s mother. What a night of joy!

As you read the devotional this month take a moment to search your own life to see who might be waiting in the wings like the little girl in this story just ready for someone to lead her to Jesus. I pray many women will say “how about right now” just like this little girl did as women step out and risk to share Jesus with them. As well, meditate a moment on the joy described as this women witnesses the receiving of Christ in another’s life. I pray many women will be attracted to the blessing shared of seeing Janae come to Christ and will be spurred on to go out and do likewise.

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