Time to Risk

“Follow Me” was Jesus’ call to His disciples. I wonder what went through their minds as they left everything and followed Him.

It was the call to follow I resisted. I believed in Jesus but the call to follow felt like “time to risk”. Would following Jesus change my life? Would He lead me where I did not want to go? I tried everything to be at peace and fill the void in my heart but nothing worked. In April of 1984 I said yes to Jesus’ call to follow Him. It was time to risk.

Does following Jesus create the same reaction in you? Do you interpret His call to follow Him as a “time to risk”? Is it fearful to be led into the unknown, to let go of the familiar and follow a Person you are just beginning to know?

It was for me. What I didn’t realize at the beginning was in order to know Him, I had to follow Him and not just believe. I had to learn to trust Him and obey Him. As I followed, I found His words are true. I needed to learn to listen to Him and He had to be my only God. As I followed Him, He changed me.

He led every step of the way. He proved His character is reliable, His promises are trustworthy, His strength and grace are sufficient. He called me to follow Him because He knows the way, has a plan, and wants to teach me to walk with Him and depend upon Him. He knows my name, loves me and plans to glorify His Name through me.

His ways are perfect but unexpected. His word is flawless but contradicts what the world tells me is truth. In John 14:6 “Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life.” The world says get more of what you have, be independent, do everything you can to save your life and make yourself happy.

Jesus calls us to follow Him, let go, give away – ourselves. “Come, follow Me,” Jesus said, “and I will make you fishers of men.” (Matthew 4:19 NIV) He died to save the world He loves. He makes His appeal to others to follow Him through us.

He wants to take us on a daring faith adventure! The key to our freedom is to follow Him where He leads and to reach out with His love to the world around us. How do we begin?

We have created The Compass so that, together with your friends, you can begin to step out and experience His love and share it with others. The Compass will lead you into a faith adventure with others to understand the Father’s heart, the Son’s sacrifice, the Spirit-filled life and God’s heart for the world. We are piloting The Compass and inviting women to engage, experience and give us feedback in order to better reach women in cities around the world.

Would you be willing to take a risk and begin a group today? You could invite 1-3 of your friends to join you through the Compass and see where the Lord will lead you. Remember, the key to our freedom is to step out and follow Him…it is time to risk!

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